Mass Texting & Emailing Lost Patients

Elevate the efficiency and financial success of your physical therapy clinic with HENO's latest release!

What's New?
HENO's latest release enables you to effortlessly Mass Text and Mass Email reschedule links to patients who have fallen off your calendar prematurely. Put an end to missed appointments that can cost your clinic tens of thousands of dollars!

The Challenge:
Many PT clinics struggle with lost revenues as a result of a significant percentage of patients dropping off the schedule. Traditional solutions fall short because overworked front-desk staff often face burnout and time constraints, making it challenging to reach out to patients effectively. Phone calls often end up in voicemail, with only a fraction of attempts resulting in actual contact.

HENO's Game-Changing Solution:
Bid farewell to manual outreach struggles! With HENO's innovative solution, simply mass select all patients and click a button to send them a personalized link to reschedule. It's that easy! No more wasted time, energy, or resources.

Key Benefits:
- Boost Revenue: Prevent missed appointments and recover potential lost revenue.
- Save Time: Streamline the rescheduling process with just a few clicks.
- Reduce Burnout: Lighten the load on your front-desk staff and enhance overall clinic efficiency.

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Duration: 03:01

Posted: Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Video tags: Front Desk, Marketing Software, Medical CRM, Patient Portal